ggRock Image Creation Tool Manual (Deprecated)

A thorough guide to the (now deprecated) ggRock Image Creation Tool


The ggRock Team acknowledges that a wide variety of hardware configurations exist in centers throughout the world. The ggRock Team strives to make all hardware configurations work with ggRock, and at the same time intends to make the process simpler and more robust.

The first iteration of this process of making new hardware work with ggRock is the ggRock Image Creation Tool (IC Tool).


  • Avoids boot loops due to network driver issues

  • Permits compatibility with multiple different network cards/motherboards (if using onboard LAN) with the same image


The Image Creation Tool does not work around issues related to GPU incompatibility (for example, if you have some systems with nVidia GPUs and others with AMD GPUs).

If your center has systems with GPUs from different manufacturers, you will need to create a separate System Image for each, however you may re-use the same Games Image.


You can download the latest version of the ggRock Image Creation tool here.

Image Creation

To ensure the best possible outcome, please ensure your image is created with as few changes as possible to start.


System Image Creation: One Type of Machine

If all of your systems have the same network card (e.g. same integrated network on the motherboard), follow the Create System Image steps in the Configure ggRock Guide.

When complete, if no other network cards are present in Machines within your center, click the "Create" button to finish image creation.

System Image Creation: Multiple Types of Machines

For each additional Network Card (e.g. different integrated network on the motherboard), follow the steps in the System Image Creation section of the Create, Configure, and Test ggRock Images guide.

On the final Machine, click the "Create" button to finish image creation.