ggRock Client Machine Used to Build Image - Cannot Boot to System Image


Cannot boot the Machine used to build a System Image via ggRock.

If the system does boot successfully, changes to the System Image made do not appear in ggRock, no writebacks are saved.

Viewing the Disk Management snap-in within Windows will display the drive as being offline due to a signature collision with another disk that is online.

View Disk Management

1. Click the Start Menu.

2. Type "Disk Management".

3. Click the "Disk Management" entry, and observe in the bottom pane that Disk 1 (The 0x80 iSCSI-mounted System Image) displays as being offline, and if the mouse is hovered over it a message indicating that the disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online is displayed.


Remove the physical drive from the system in question.

Additional Information

Because the System Image was created from this Machine, the drive mounted via ggRock over the network is byte-for-byte identical to the physical drive in the Machine it was built on.

The only way to resolve this is to physically disconnect the drive from the machine that the System Image was built on.