ggRock Client Machine boot stuck on Windows loading icon (spinning dots)


Upon booting a ggRock-managed client, the operating system never loads, but rather becomes stuck at the Windows loading screen with a spinning indefinite progress indicator.

Solution 1

Issue presents on a single system

  1. Check for USB flash drives or external hard drives plugged into the system.

  2. Remove USB flash drives or external hard drives.

  3. Attempt booting again

Solution 2

Issue presents on multiple systems

  1. Have any changes been made to the system image? (e.g. Driver updates, software updates)

  2. If so, revert changes.

  3. Attempt booting again.

Additional Information

If the issue was on a single system, and it was indeed a USB device that caused the issue, weigh whether it may be helpful to add the drivers or configuration for that device to your system image. Doing so will likely prevent the issue from occurring again in the future, however it is a decision you must weigh carefully due to the possibility of issues down the road with your system image caused by numerous additional driver installs, etc.

If the issue was on all systems, it may have been necessary to revert to a previous version of a driver or software package. In this case it may be necessary to reach out to the device manufacturer to see if there is an updated driver or software package available.