ggRock Client Machine boot stuck on "Nothing to boot: No such file or directory"

ggRock Client Machine boot stuck on "Nothing to boot: No such file or directory"


The following error appears on bootup:

Nothing to boot: No such file or directory (

No more network devices

No bootable device.

Additional error messages may include:

"Operation not supported"

"The socket is not connected"



  1. Access the ggRock server console (Debian Control Panel) via https://yourserver:9090/ or via SSH, or a directly at a keyboard/mouse/monitor connected to the server.

  2. Log into the root account, or any other administrative account present on the server.

  3. View iptables rules using "iptables -S" command. The stock configuration should have only three entries allowing all traffic.

4. If any iptables other than the above appear, please utilize the "iptables -F" command to delete all rules in all chains, then utilize the "iptables -S" command to confirm the output is as displayed below.

5. Attempt booting clients again.


Only proceed past step 5 if it is discovered that the iptables rules revert on reboot and the issue recurs.

6. Install the iptables-persistent package to keep the iptables settings on reboot.

7. Optionally, save current IPv4 rules when prompted.

 7. Once the package is installed, restore iptables to its stock configuration as above, then issue the following command to permanently save settings:

iptables-save > /etc/iptables/rules.v4

8. Attempt booting clients again.

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