ggMobile (beta)

ggMobile is a whitelabel mobile app for ggCircuit esports venues. The ggLeap Mobile App lets your customers book computers or party booking via app and pay before arrival. Provides complete assistance over your customers preferred schedule provid



Initial download and setup of the eBash branded version of ggMobile. Gamer chooses their “home” venue which they can change later

Select your center to you are planning to book a reservation


Select the user login method you want to use



                                                         Login with username



An account verification process started upon user login


  1. Select country code
  2. Enter phone number
  3. Click Send code
  4. Enter the verification code sent to the phone number.



Account confirmation flow (email)



Account validation flow via SMS 



SMS code validation



Password reset flow



Some of the password change flow



Initial booking flow (airplane style)  (note : option to see center layout and pick specific computers is coming -with ability to charge extra for the perk)



More booking flow



More booking flow



View/Edit booking - the one time password (OTP) is used to unlock client PC’s around booking time



Booking edit flow



Notifications in player profile



Account status (shows state of offers on players account)



Future Planned Releases