The ggLeap Mobile App lets your customers  book computers or party booking  via app and pay before arrival. Provides complete assistance over your customers preferred schedule providing a user friendly interface. Automatically checks the availability of the selected schedule to avoid  double booking or any confusion with the reservation. 

1.  Select your center to you are planning to book a reservation

2.  Select the user login method you want to use



3.  There will be an account verification process started upon user login.

  • Select country code.
  • Enter phone number.
  • Click Send code.
  • Enter the verification code sent to the phone number.

4.  Once account verification is completed, you can now book a reservation.

  • Enter start / end time of your reservation
  • Select date of your reservation 
  • Check if selected schedule is available
  • Once schedule is available click reserve seats



5.  Click confirm reservation

6.  Once booking is confirmed, please take note your one-time password. You will need to enter this code to unlock the pc you have booked