ggLeap Booking System

The ggLeap Booking system allows admins to accept bookings and payments. Easily book schedules or party bookings for your customers. Having the online booking gives the capability to  make reservations even after store hours 


Booking system



1.  Enable "can manage bookings" in Employee access  then click Save.


  1. New Booking / Booking Name - Lets you add a label for the booking.
  2. Booking User - Input reservation owner details including payment.
  3. Booking Device - Lets you input the PC name being reserved.
  4. Notes - Lets Input your additional information.
  5. Save / Discard booking 

Booking a reservation:

  1. Select the pc and schedule  you want to reserve.

2.  Fill up booking form

3.    Click save. 


Settings > Bookings 


1. If there is an upcoming reservation on a PC, and nobody is currently using that PC, you can choose when the PC will lock in preparation for the booking preventing anyone else from logging in. The PCs will be unlocked with the OTP (one time password) given to the customer or party leader.

2.  f the booking is a no-show, you can select how long to wait before the booking is cancelled and the PC is unlocked ready for any customer to use.

3.  If the booking time is approaching and someone is logged into the PC, you can select the amount of time before the user is issued an “OPT Ultimatum”. This will require the user to either enter the OTP (if the person who made the booking arrived early and wanted to just start) or prepare to end their session.

4.  This is the amount of time prior to the booking, that a user who has not entered the OTP, will be logged out of the PC. The PC will then immediately enter “locked” status await OTP from the booking customer or party leader.

5.  When someone books a PC or group of PCs from the web or mobile app (ie without staff choosing), the ggLeap backend needs to be smart about which PC’s to allocate (making best possible attempts to sit players together). In the case of a same-day booking, this is complex (since all pcs may currently be in use, but customer wants to make a booking for later in the day). In this case you can choose the minimum amount of time from “now” that can be allowed for a future booking when there are currently no available PCs.

In the above example, its 6 hours, which means that a booking will be placed on PC’s 6 hours from now, even if all PC’s are currently in use (and any gamers who are using those pcs in 6 hours will be forced to log out of the PC). It is easy for admins to make manual adjustments to decisions made by the booking system if required.


6.  As we are also reworking the ggLeap usergroup system (to take automatic payments with credit cards!), we want to start adding more perks for different user groups.

“Add exception” will allow you to choose a user group that can make same-day requests with more authority. For example a VIP user could make a same-day booking 4 hours from now (while non vip users must wait 6 for example), regardless of who is currently logged in and a non-vip user will be more likely to have to give up their seat if no PCs become available in that time. 

Another upcoming feature is a configurable email is sent to the customer who makes the booking with all necessary details.