ggCrypto: PC is not mining after mining was enabled

If the PC has already been rebooted after enabling mining for this machine then:

  • Usually, if the PCs has successfully downloaded the ggCrypto Modules it should wait for ~2 minutes to start mining to make sure that no user is about to login

  • Sometimes Modules takes a while to be downloaded 5~10 minutes (for very slow connections)

If it has been more than 5~10 minutes and the miner still hasn't started please do the following:

  • Admin Mode the PC

  • If you have a 3rd party anti-virus, please check your antivirus add check if it quarantined the files related to the miner

    • Look for quarantined items with "Phoenix", restore the file and add an exception.

  • If you don't have a 3rd party anti-virus

    • On Windows, go to Settings > Windows Update and Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection

    • On Virus & threat protection go to "Current threats" and look for threats that has "Phoenix" on it and select "Allow on device", then click "Start Actions" button, and reboot the PC.


      If the issue still persists, please contact ggSupport chat on the bottom right corner of your web admin page.

  • Miner may only support the following:

    • Supports AMD Vega, 580/570/480/470, 460/560, Fury, 390/290, and older AMD GPUs with enough VRAM


      • Up to AMD driver 21.5.2

    • Nvidia 20x0, 10x0, and 9x0 series as well as older cards with enough VRAM (6GB minimum)