ggCrypto: How to enable/disable Optimized Safe Settings (auto overclocking)

This feature should increase MH/s and reduce power consumption, and temperature; but is known to worsen performance in a small number of cases.


  • Mining should already be enabled

    • If you haven't set it up yet, please check out this document.

To turn on automatic Optimized Safe Settings

  • Go to crypto dashboard

  • To enable OC, turn on the toggle for Optimized Safe Settings

  • To disable OC, turn off the toggle for Optimized Safe Settings


  • This will be applied to all machines that have no GPU Overclocking Profile (or Profile is set to Auto)

  • If you some machines are going black screen when this is enabled, please disable Optimized safe settings, the driver could be crashing.

    • Try updating the GPU drivers

    • Try disabling Optimizations

    • Or set a custom GPU profile on this machine

  • To set GPU Overclocking profiles just click on the gear button.