Force Change Resolution and/or Refresh rate for diskless setups when ggLeap starts up


How to use it:

  • On the webadmin, go to Settings > Client Configuration > Add a Startup Command.

  • In the Command field enter: ChangeScreenResolution.exe

  • On the parameters field, enter the desired resolution, and refresh rate (do not include them if u want to use the default)

    • e.g

      • /w=1920 /h=1080 /f=240 /force

        • /w = width (optional)

        • /h = height (optional)

        • /f = refresh rate (optional)

        • /force = command to force these settings (required)

  • In the Working Directory field, enter the path where the ChangeScreenResolution.exe is located. (do not include ChangeScreenResolution.exe)

  • Enable long running

  • Enable hide process

  • Click Save.

  • Superclient a client PC, start it up until you see the UI. (The 1st startup will not execute it but it should save the configurations.)

  • Restart the client PC, and this should execute the startup command.

  • Turn off the client PC and save the Image.