Enabling a game launcher in the client

Use this guide to enable any game launchers you want to utilize in your client PCs.

Most games nowadays are accessed via game clients or launchers. While some games have their own dedicated game client (this is apparent with MMORPGs). However, most games are now only accessible via the launchers from their respective digital distributor.

You'll be glad to know that ggLeap supports most of the major game platforms for our auto-login feature. In order to utilize this, you will need to enable the game client or launcher where the licenses will be used.

-Go to Settings > Client configuration > Games/Apps.


-Search for the game launcher that you want to enable (e.g. Battle.net).

-Click on the box art to edit the configuration.

  1. Game launchers are set to "Program" by default and will show up in the Apps section of the client. However, if you prefer it to appear in the Games section, just change this to "Game".

  2. Enter the full path where the game launcher is located on your PC. (Please do not include quotation marks.)

3. Add additional parameters if necessary.

4. Select the PC group (if you have this feature enabled) where the app will show up.

5. Click "Save".