Enable Permanent Guest Login in the ggLeap client

This article details steps necessary to configure the ggLeap client to always log in as a guest account.


Patrons do not have access to their own accounts, or it is undesirable to have patrons log in due to business needs.


Patrons will not earn coins or other rewards when logged in as a guest.


Modify the appropriate entry in the SQLite database on a client machine.

  1. Download DB Browser for SQLite.
  2. Open DB Browser for SQLite.
  3. Click the "Open Database" toolbar button, then navigate to the ggLeap database location.
    File Name: data.db3
    File Location: %PROGRAMDATA%\ggleap
  4. Navigate to the "Browse Data" tab.
  5. Modify the "AutoLoginGuest" value.
    1. Search for "AutoLoginGuest" with the filter at the top of the "key" column (1)
    2. Click in the "value" column next to "AutoLoginGuest" to select it for editing. (2)
    3. Replace "False" with "True" in the "Edit Database Cell" text field (3)
    4. Click the "Apply" button (4)
    5. Click the "Write Changes" button (5)
    6. Close DB Browser for SQLite. (6)


    If you are running a diskless boot solution, please ensure that you commit these changes to your image.

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