Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

A brief description of functionalities within the Dashboard Jason McIntosh

The Dashboard is the first screen that you will see when you login to the web administrator. Here is a quick overview of what is available within the Dashboard.

1. User search

This is where you will search for an existing user. Here you can search by name, username, email and phone number. When search results are visible you can click the three dots to the right of the user to perform different tasks from a dropdown menu.

2. Add new user

Add new user allows you to create a new user into the system. You are only required to enter a username (unless there are other user details that you set to "Required" in User Details Configuration for the web admin), the rest of the information can be supplied by the user in client registration. Once you have added the required information you can choose to "Save" or "Save + Shop" which will allow you to add offers and products to the account.

New user creation form.

3. Stats

The "Stats" button at the top will give you general real time data of what is going on in your shop, you can see sales totals, computers available and more.