Customization Setting

Customization Setting Customize your center logo, ggLeap client theme, ggleap client Background settings as well as your AtHome avatar and Background image

Go to Settings > Client Configuration – Customization

Center Logo

Recommend logo size is 480X156px. In order to get a better-looking client, we suggest using .png file and strongly recommend to use transparent background.

Click > Change center logo > select and upload your center logo file.

Do not forget to click “Save changes” button.

Global client theme

Customize your theme for ggLeap Client Login, Client Home and AtHome client.

Default themes and customized themes are available simply click on the selected theme.

For custom theme, simply select the preferred “Primary” and “Accent” color (use color picker for more color options).

Do not forget to click “Save changes” button.

ggLeap Background settings

These settings will let you customize the backgrounds across the ggLeap UI. You can select between a Video Background or Image background when a user is Logged out or Logged in on the client. You can set different Background setting for each Pc Group. If the group is not configured the default group configuration is going to be used instead.

For Video Background 1920X1080 px is the recommended size while supported formats are - .WEBM .MP4 .MOV

Click “Change Background” and select your preferred video. For custom video, just click “Add custom video” then select the video file you want to be upload and used for background.

Do not forget to click “Save changes” button.