Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Trust Factor Issues - ggLeap Client

This article describes issues related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and ggLeap statistics gathering. 


Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive results in a poor matchmaking experience including, but not limited to: Not allowing connection to any lobby within the game, poor quality matches, or other non-gameplay issues relating to matchmaking.


Contact ggLeap support via Intercom in order to have the launch settings for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive modified for your center such that trusted mode is enabled.

Additional Information

The ggLeap client gathers statistics from games running on the Machines in your center whilst playing in order to power a myriad of mechanics, including but not limited to Events.

Due to the recent change in CS:GO execution pipeline following source code being leaked, it is no longer possible to gather that data is the default Counter Strike application with no additional parameters.

You can read more here:

This statistics gathering requires that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive be launched in "untrusted" mode, which can negatively impact matchmaking experiences and trust factors for player accounts.