Console List Overview

The Console Dashboard is the area where your consoles are listed and organized. This is also where you will be able to log in users and track their time. You may also utilize this section to track time for peripherals rental or wifi connection.

1. In the Dashboard of the web admin, you will see the Console Dashboard at the bottom of the page.

2. The consoles list is how you organize your consoles by type and name. Clicking the console will select it in the list. 

3. To add a user to a console, select the console that will be rented, click the button on the right with the three dots, and select "Add user".

4. The Username column will tell you the users that are logged into that console. The time To Logout column will show how much time is remaining on the user's session.

5. If at any time a user runs out of time on a console, a notification will pop up on the upper right-hand corner of the web admin to inform you that the user's time has expired. Notifications look like this:


Alert notification for console time expiration


Functionality-wise, the graphical view of the consoles is the same with list view. However, in order to find out the remaining time of the user (or guest) session, you can either enable "health gauge" to check the remaining time via a gauge around the console node or you can click the console node itself to see the remaining time.



There can be more than one users in a console.