Coin Configuration Setting

How to setup your Coin Configuration setting.

Go to Settings > Loyalty System > Coin Configuration


1. Coin Name - This is the chosen name for your loyalty currency e.g "eBash Hype"

2. Base Amount - Set the basic coin earning rate. This is the amount of coins that the player will earn per minute before any other factors are introduced.

3. Coins earned by offer - Set a multiplier to base rate when a specific offer is being used.

4. Coins earned by user group - Set a multiplier to the base rate for members of a specific usergroup.

5. Coins earned by PC group - Set a multiplier to the base rate when a specific pc group is being used.



Formula for Coin Multiplier

(Offer Multiplier*User Group Multiplier*PC Group Multiplier) (Base coin per min * Mins)

Note that if one of the multipliers has a multiplier that is equal to Zero(0), the user will not earn coins.


Do not forget to click "Save changes" when done with your coin configuration setting.


The coin formula tester can be used to check/test the coin configuration you have applied.



Reset all users' coins - will reset all users coin to zero.

Note: This cannot be undone.