Client general settings overview

Overview of client configuration sections and what they do

This article covers the general settings for some features of the client. You can find this in Settings > Client configuration > General Settings.

Computer Idle Timeout is a ggLeap feature wherein PCs will shut down when idle for a certain period of time.

For example, they set idle timeout to 3 hours. If the PC is idle for that long, it will shut down automatically.

Current GDPR will send a notification to the client PC that the user needs the consent of a parent or guardian before they can log in for the first time. The notification will be sent to the underage user depending on the GDPR Age Level.

Client logout button action is where you can change the bearing of the client PC whenever a user logs-out.

Show Prize Ladder in left panel displays the prizes available from lowest to highest.

Show Game Display opens a second window showing a game preview.

Other settings is where you can enable the clock for the client.