Call of Duty: Warzone accounts shadowban using ggRock

This article is created with the goal to help users experiencing their center CoD:Warzone accounts being shadowbanned troubleshoot the cause.

We have received reports from some centers that their Call of Duty Warzone accounts involved in ggRock installations were getting shadowbanned, regardless of the account age.

It's difficult to identify with 100% confidence the reasons for the shadowban, since the mechanics behind the procedure are constantly changing and are not published publically. However, most likely with ggRock it is caused by the NAT type used by your center.

If your NAT type is currently strict (type 3), some legitimate accounts can receive a temporary shadowban after playing on that network type. Of the 3 types outlined via Activision, centers and facilities like ours can only realistically hope to achieve moderate (type 2)

To check it - get the game into a state where you can perform a matchmake search, your network type should be described on that screen. If it is set strict, it's highly recommended to configure your network and allow the opening of recommended ports for that game, and tweaking it until you achieve moderate status.

Kind regards to Stuart from The Vault GC for the information above