Applying users to user groups

This article contains the step-by-step guide on how to apply users to User Groups.

1. To add a user to a user group, click on the "Users" tab on the left side of the web admin panel.


2. Click on the three dots [Ellipsis] button on the selected user's rightmost side to open a drop-down menu. Choose "Move to group" from the list then select the user group where you want the user added.

3. If there's a membership fee to join the User group, this box will appear and you may choose if you want the subscription to be auto-renewed or not. Click the "Save" button afterward.

NOTE: Auto-renew is passed as true when users subscribe and an employee moves a user to a paid group.


The user can opt out from auto-renew anytime from the ggleap client.
If the user doesn't have enough balance/stripe and declines payment for the next term, the user will be moved back to default.