Adding a New Machine Type to a ggRock Image using the ggRock IC Tool (Legacy Process)

This article details processes for adding a new PC/motherboard type to an existing ggRock system image.



A new Machine type or motherboard type appears within your game center.

This new type of system is unable to boot.


In most cases you will be able to simply update your existing System Image, thus preserving all of the data currently written to it (installed launchers, games, etc).

General Process Outline

  • Use a working Machine via ggRock, boot it and clone your C drive (to preserve data, if you have any) to a had drive using the ggRock IC tool.

  • Move that hard drive in a NEW Machine that doesn't work with ggRock and proceed from Step 4.

Full Process

1. Connect an empty physical drive to a working client Machine.

2. Boot the Machine via ggRock (PXE).

3. Download the ggRock IC Tool here.

4. Use the ggRock IC tool to clone the C:\ drive to the connected hard drive.

Open the ggRock IC Tool, navigate to the Clone Disk tab and select the drive you've installed to be a destination for the current OS. The drive will be formatted.

Leave the checkbox Complete disk transfer unchecked.

Begin Optional Step: Shrink the source (C:\) partition to speed up the process

  1. Open the Disk Management snap-in (diskmgmt.msc) from the start menu or run box.

  2. Right-click the System (C:) partition and choose "Shrink Volume" from the context menu.

3. A status window appears indicating that the volume is being queried for available shrink space.

4. Within the "Shrink C:" window, accept the default values by clicking the "Shrink" button.