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Executive Summary

Required Time: 10 Minutes

Description: Prepare installation media for the Debian 10 OS installation.

Prepare Installation Media

1. Download the Recommended Debian 10 OS Installer.

2. Download the Recommended Rufus Utility.


Optionally, you may elect to burn the ISO image to a CD, bypassing the need

for the Rufus tool and its requisite flash drive.

3. Obtain a USB flash drive at least 512 Megabytes in size.


All contents of the flash drive will be erased, please back up any important

data stored within.

4. Launch the Rufus tool, utilizing the following settings:

  • Device: Select the drive letter assigned to your USB flash drive

  • Boot selection: Select the downloaded Debian Linux ISO

  • Persistent partition size: 0 (No persistence)

  • Partition scheme: MBR

  • Target system: BIOS or UEFI

  • Volume label: debian

  • FIle system: Fat32 (Default)

  • Cluster size: 4096 bytes (Default)

5. Click the "START" button to write the ISO image to the flash drive.

You may now proceed with the "Install the Debian OS on Your Server" guide.

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