As of this writing there are 3 ways to Register an account from ggLeap client:

  1. Register with a Facebook account

  2. Register with a Google account

  3. Manually creating an account

If you already have a ggLeap account, please check out this link.

How to register an account

  • Click on Create new account

  • Select how you want to register your account

Register Manually


  • Valid Email

How to register an account manually

  • To register manually, click on the Register Manually button

  • Fill out all the required fields. Read the Terms of Services and click continue

  • Click continue

  • See notes for further instructions

Facebook/Google SSO login


  • Phone that can read QR codes with internet connection.

How to register an account with Facebook/Google:

  • Click on Facebook or Google Button

  • Scan the QR code using your phone

  • After Scanning the code, click on the link that will be presented on your phone

  • This will open your phone's default browser and you should see the login screen from Google/Facebook

  • Login to your Google/Facebook account

  • Grant Permission to our app

  • Once logged in, you may go back to ggLeap client to continue creating your account

  • Fill out all the required fields. Read the Terms of Services and click continue

  • Click Continue

  • Account will automatically get created.


  • Please seek "help desk" for gaming time if necessary after creating an account

  • If GDPR is enabled from the center and your age is below the GDPR

    • Parent/Guardian must be present to agree to the Parental agreement

    • After clicking continue, GDPR request will be sent to the center administrator

    • Center administrator must review and accept the GDPR requests for you to be able to login

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