ggLeap startup commands appear to not be honored when using a diskless boot solution


ggLeap startup commands take at least two boot cycles to become effective on the Machine. This exercise presumes you have just created some startup commands in ggLeap that you want to ensure are enforced on your machines.

  1. Enable the "Keep Writebacks" advanced setting on the machine you will be using for this exercise.

  2. Boot the machine up, during which time the ggLeap client will become aware that there are startup commands that need to be run (but because startup time has already passed for this boot cycle they will not yet be executed).

  3. Reboot the machine, after which you should verify that the command ran, and that no issues are encountered because of the command running (or perhaps not running).

  4. Shut down the machine.

  5. Apply Writebacks for the machine to commit changes.

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