• Employee should have Can Manage Employees permission

How to Access ggCrypto

  • Go to settings

  • Select Center Config > Select Employees

  • Select Employee Menu > Edit Employee

  • Enable these permissions

    • Can access mining profits

    • Can access mining configs

  • Save

  • Click on the ggCrypto Icon from Menu Panel

  • Select Begin Setup

  • Continue navigating setup

  • Select PCs to enable mining when idle

  • Click Continue

  • Read and Accept Terms and conditions

  • Then page will redirect to Crypto dashboard

  • Wait for the PCs to start Mining

Workarounds on How to Enable/Disable mining on selected machines when you are already opted-in to ggCrypto


  • If you want to disable mining on all machines, then just opt-out from ggCrypto

  • Do the same method if you just want to check w/c machines are enabled for mining (machine should have a checkmark on its checkbox by default when it's enabled)

  • ggLeap should be on version 2.3566.0.3575 or higher

    • PCs should start mining after ~2mins when idle on login screen

    • PCs will still be mining on admin mode

  • PCs require a reboot after enabling mining

  • PCs that has VRAM below 5gb may not be supported (0MH/s)

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