When Windows Updates have been disabled (per recommendation), it is not possible to install Microsoft Store apps or Microsoft Store app updates.


1. Open the Microsoft Store from the task bar of a Machine.

2. Click the "Search" button in the Microsoft Store.

3. Within the Search Box, type the name of the Microsoft Store app you wish to install and press <Enter>.

4. In the "Apps" list, click the icon for the app you wish to install.

5. On the app panel, click the "Share" button.

6. In the Share Panel, click the "Copy Link" button to obtain the download link for the Microsoft Store app you wish to install.

7. Visit the Online link generator for Microsoft Store and paste the link copied in the previous step, making sure to select the "Retail" channel.

8. Click the "Checkmark" button to the right of the channel drop-down, wait while the page loads, then download the appx file for the version of the application you wish to install by clicking the link. Make sure to download any dependent application files as well including Dot Net Framework versions if they are required.


If there are multiple .APPX files available for download:

  • Choose the file with the highest version number for the main application

  • If there are other .APPX files present (including VCLIBS or .NET Framework) these are prerequisites that must be installed first.

9. Locate the appx file downloaded in the previous step (it is likely in the "Downloads" folder and double-click it.

10. Click the "Install" button in the "Install App?" dialog.

Additional Information

Installation of Microsoft Store apps requires Windows Update to be operational.

With the Windows Update service disabled (which is necessary to prevent network driver, Windows Feature Updates, as well as other Windows Updates from interfering with the operation of your center), it is not possible to install updates through the Microsoft Store directly.

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