When viewing the ggRock log on the server, messages such as the following may appear:

iSCSI Login negotiation failed.

Unable to locate Target IQN:{GUID VALUE}-game in Storage Node

Unable to locate Target IQN:{GUID VALUE}-system in Storage Node


Reboot the ggRock server

  1. Access the server console via a direct connection to the server, SSH, or via Debian Control Panel.

2. Log in with the root user, or another admin user on the system.

3. Reboot the ggRock server with the "shutdown -r now" command.

4. Once the server boots back up, attempt to control the VM again.

Additional Information

These types of messages are the result of stale snapshots, images, or writebacks associated with machines.

Usually, this is a non-issue since it does not affect operations.

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