RAM Settings

RAM is shared between the server OS, ggRock Application, and virtual machines running on the ggRock server. By default ggRock manages the RAM Cache size automatically in order to maximize performance, which is the recommended setting.

If desired, this setting may be manually configured, including the following values:

  • RAM Cache Size - The amount of memory used for high-speed temporary data caching.

  • Server Reserved - The amount of memory reserved for the Operating System and critical processes.

  • Maximum RAM for VMs - The amount of memory set aside for ggRock virtual machines.


Virtual Machine Network Bridge Configuration Status

  • Red - Network Bridge is NOT configured

  • Green - Network Bridge IS configured

Auto-Configure Bridged Network

If the network bridge is not yet configured, it may be configured by clicking the

"Auto-Configure Bridged Network" button.

Array and Images

Disk Settings

  • Import ggRock Array on app start - The default and recommended setting is to automatically import the existing ggRock array when the ggRock server application is launched. Disabling this setting may result in accidental loss of data if an action is taken that would create a new array, for example.

  • Warning threshold - When your array reaches a defined threshold, warnings will be displayed within the ggRock Web UI.

  • Reserved disk space - To preserve the server, operations resulting in large amounts of data usage are automatically restricted at a defined threshold. These operations include restriction of PXE boot operations as well as restriction of snapshot creation.

Snapshots and Writebacks

  • Delete Snapshots not utilized for X days - After a defined period of inactivity, snapshots will automatically be deleted to conserve space.

  • Delete inactive writebacks after X hours -After a defined period of inactivity, writebacks that are not in use will automatically be deleted to conserve space.

Subscription & Credentials

  • Subscription status (top-right corner) - Active or Expired

  • Subscription Type - Defines benefits based on tier of payment (e.g. Silver)

  • ggRock Machines - Current/Maximum concurrent PXE-booted systems license permits.

  • ggRock VMs - Current/Maximum concurrent created VMs.

  • Expiration Date - Subscription Expiration, based on contract/agreement.

  • Credentials - Username/password required to access the ggRock Web UI.

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