After updating the BIOS of the system, it is no longer possible to boot to ggRock.

Solution 1

Update your system image on a system running the new BIOS revision.

  1. Please refer to "Update Windows System Image using Seamless Boot" to update your system image.

  2. Attempt booting again.

Solution 2

Perform a cold boot.

  1. Fully power down the system

  2. Attempt booting again.

Solution 3

Revert the BIOS to a previous version that worked.

Example is from Intel, using the "ISO Image BIOS Update" method.

  1. Download the ISO Image BIOS Update for your Intel motherboard for the appropriate version you wish to downgrade to.

  2. Burn the ISO image to a CD.

  3. Insert the CD and boot from it.

  4. Press ENTER when prompted to start the BIOS update process.

start BIOS update

5. Press any key at the Welcome screen.

Welcome screen

6. When prompted, remove the CD from the CD-ROM drive and press Enter.

Remove CD

7. During the update, see the BIOS update process status window.

BIOS update status

8. Attempt booting again.

Additional Information

It is recommended that you only update the BIOS of your system if:

  • Updating will add additional features necessary to support new hardware/software.

  • Updating is necessary for security purposes.

  • Updating solves a critical issue affecting the systems.

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