The following error appears on bootup:

Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

PXE boot to the ggRock server has failed, resulting in an attempt to boot to an internal drive or other media.

Solution 1

  1. Check the system for any USB flash drives or external hard drives.
  2. Remove any found devices.
  3. Attempt booting again.

Solution 2

Only one computer is affected.

  1. Compare BIOS settings of the non-functional system to a functional system.
  2. If a discrepancy is found, correct it
  3. Attempt booting again.
  4. To prevent unauthorized BIOS configuration changes, set a BIOS password.

Solution 3

Multiple computers are affected.

  1. Ensure ggRock server is accessible.
  2. Reboot network switch/router.
  3. Reboot ggRock server.
  4. Attempt booting again.
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