In order to install ggRock you should have a server with Debian installed according to our Install Debian OS article. If the following steps don't make sense to you please refer to the previous section.

It is highly recommended to first complete Access Debian Control Panel article in order to enjoy copy-paste functionality and local browser access.

If you have completed Access Debian Control Panel article please skip to Step 3. Run install command

Step 1. Login as root

Your login is: root
Your password is: whatever you set in Step 7. Set your root password.
It is okay to not see the password characters as you enter them. Enter the password and press Enter.

Step 2. Confirm login

After successful login the last line you should see will read root@ggrock:~#, ggock here is the hostname of your server. If you can't login with the correct password - please check that the CAPS LOCK is disabled

Step 3. Run install command.

Input the following line in the console:
wget -O - | bash -
And press Enter. It will take ggRock a couple of minutes to download all the packages after this step.
Pay attention that pasting the command above might result in characters being misplaced. Please use ssh or just type it in manually. The "O" in the command is a capital o (O), not a digit zero (0). Respect the whitespaces.

Step 4. Initiate ggRock configuration utility

Press "Yes" button to proceed.

You can always run this utility by initiating ggrock-linux-configurator command

Step 5. Allow ggRock to install Debian dependencies

Press "Yes" to allow ggRock to install packages from the Debian "contrib" repository that it requires

Step 6. Allow ggRock to enable own dependencies

Press "Yes" to allow ggRock to enable database-related and monitoring-related packages

Step 7. Pick server IP address

Choose one of IP addresses, assigned to the server, that will be used for network booting by client PCs. This will be your Server IP Address

Step 8. Confirm Network Bridge

In order to allow ggRock run it's Virtual Machines kindly allow configuring a network bridge.

Step 9. Enable IP forwarding

Enable IP forwarding on the server, as it is required for ggRock to function with Windows PXE boot

Step 10. Let ggRock install all packages

It will take ggRock 10-30 minutes to install itself and all dependencies

Step 11. Check the installation

Depending on your hardware, the installation might require up to 30 minutes.
Once complete, server should display the following message:

ggRock has been installed. Open it in your web browser http://SERVER_IP/
Server IP is the local web address that you can use to access ggRock from now on. Congratulations!

Step 12. Reboot the server

Finally, you have to Reboot the server once again.

Input the following line in the console:
And press Enter.

After this step you are done and can go ahead and Configure ggRock

Configuring Remote Access (Static IP)

If you want to set up Remote Access for your server please complete ggRock Installation special case, Remote Access Configuration before starting ggRock Configuration.

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