ggLeap AtHome is an app that will allow your registered users to log in to their center accounts in their own PC and get their in-game stats recorded. It's primary use is to track points and ranking for our events in partnership with Super League.

Please follow the steps below for the instructions of setting up ggLeap AtHome.

Opting-in AtHome

-In the web admin, click "AtHome" in the left side panel and then click "Opt-In" button once you are in the AtHome screen.

-You will need to set your center address in the pop-out window and click "Continue".

Customizing the AtHome client

-After opting-in, should be able to customize how the AtHome client will look like from your users' perspective. To do this, go to Settings > AtHome.

-Next, upload your center's avatar and horizontal logo, click the "Drag/Upload Logo" box to upload the images. Dimensions for the avatar and horizontal logo are 156 x 156 pixels and 372 x 96 pixels, respectively.

-Set the client colors to match your center's theme under Client colors.

-Lastly, add a background image to the client. The image that you will upload will be resized to 1600 x 675 pixels.

-Click "Save changes" to confirm the settings.

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