• From a PC in your center that is connected to the same LAN as the server connect to ggRockUI (the URL address of the ggRockUI should be the same as the IP of the server)

  • Once logged in, go to:

  1. Machines tab

  2. Then select the PC that you want to update 1st and click settings

  3. Once the PC settings modal window is open, go to advanced

  4. Enable Keep Writebacks

  5. Save

  • Now login to the ggLeap webadmin (admin.ggleap.com)

  • Select the PC that has Keep Writebacks Enabled and right click it.

  1. Left click on the machine that has writeback enabled

  2. Go to settings

  3. Change Version/Theme

  • Select the desired version and click apply

  • When the update is finished, the client will reboot. 

  • After reboot, wait for it to show the ggLeap login page then shutdown that machine and go back to Go back to ggRockUI

  1. Go to the Images tab

  2. Select the OS image of the machine that was updated and select "Details"

  3. On the Image Modal window go to Writebacks

  4. Then Select the latest writeback from the machine that we just updated and click Apply (if apply is grayed out that means that the machine is still running, and needs to be turned off)

  • Now go back to the ggLeap webadmin (admin.ggleap.com)

  • Go to Settings > Client Configuration > Version. (only applicable if there's only one image, or you already have updated the rest of the images to the same version)

  • Select the machines that are on the same OS image

  • Click Change version

  • Select the same version that was selected machine from the dashboard and click apply.


  • Disable the writeback of that machine if you no longer want to make changes after the update.

  • If some PCs are boot/update looping, check if you there is a machine from that same OS image that has a different version.

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