User Details Configuration is where you can add/edit/delete User Detail fields in the web admin. You can set in these settings if you want the user detail fields to be visible and/or to be required in the web admin and client computers when creating a new user. You can view these settings in the web admin in Settings > Center config > User details configuration.

  1. # - This is the position of the field in user registration (top - bottom). You can drag each field to arrange how you would like them to appear during user registration.
  2. Field Name - The name of the user detail field. e.g. Username, Password, Date of birth, etc.
  3. Field Type - This is where the type can be selected (String, Number, Date, and Picture). Note that the default fields' type cannot be changed.
  4. Web-admin - This section is where you can set the field to be visible and/or required in web admin user registration.
  5. Client - This section is where you can set the field to be visible and/or required in user registration in the client PC.
  6. Add Field - Click this button to add new user detail field.
  7. Delete icon - This will remove the field from the list. Note that there are fields that cannot be removed.

How to create a new custom user field:

-Click on the "+ Add field" button.

-Fill out the field name and select the field type if it is a String, Number, Date, or Picture.

-Set the field to be visible or required in the web admin or client user registration.

-Set the arrangement of where the new field will appear (optional).

7. Click on the "Save changes" button.

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