As a center manager/owner, you may want to give limited access to your employees on what they can do in the web admin and the client PCs. Below are the steps on how to create a new employee login or how to edit an existing one.

Adding a new employee

-In the web admin, go to Settings > Center config > Employees.
-Click the "+ Add employee" button on the upper right side of the screen.

-In the Add employee window pop-out, enter the email address where the credential setup link will be sent. Click "Grant all permissions" if you are creating an "admin level" employee username.

-You should receive an email titled "Create ggLeap account". Be sure to click the link in the message to open the page where can assign the username and password for the account.

Editing an exising employee

-Go to Settings > Center config > Employees.
-Look for the employee that you will edit and click on the three dot button on the right side of the screen. A menu will appear and select "Edit employee".

-You should be able to change the username, password, and the employee's privilege as shown below:

Can trigger admin mode - Ability to put PC to admin mode via web admin.
Can remote login user - Ability to login a user remotely using web admin.
Can delete user - Ability to delete user in web admin.
Can rename PC - Ability to rename PC in web admin.
Can update console - Ability to edit/add/remove a console.
Can edit center config - Ability to view center config tab.
Can edit product - Ability to add/remove/edit products in Inventory management.
Can adjust stock - Ability to edit stock number of an offer/product.
Can view stats on dashboard - Ability to view statistics in Dashboard.
Can return license - Ability to return license back to the license pool.
Can edit license - Ability to edit info of the licenses.
Can view app details - Ability to view app details in Games/Apps.
Can move PC - Ability to move a PC in the graphical view.
Can deactivate PC - Ability to deactivate a PC from web admin.
Can manage groups - Ability to edit and add PC/User groups.
Can launch remote app - Ability to launch app remotely via the web admin.
Can run task manager
- Ability to open task manager remotely via the web admin.
Can manage custom agreements
- Ability to add or upload terms and condition document.
Can manage center events
- Ability to add or edit entry in Events.
Can delete app
- Ability to delete app in Games/Apps.
Can set unity theme
- Ability to set client theme.
Can get notifications for employee
- Ability to receive ggLeap notifications in the web admin.
Can delete printer
- Ability to delete printer.
Can manage employees
- Ability to add or edit employee user account.
Can update client version -
Ability to update client version of PCs from Settings > Client configuration > Version.
Can manage branch coins
Can manage SLG center portal
Can purchase SLG prime credit batch
- Ability to purchase SLG tokens.
Can reset user password - Abililty to reset password of users.
Can update user - Ability to update user info.
Can remote access PC - Ability to remote PC using Team Viewer.
Can add user to console - Ability to login a user to a console.
Can Connect Machines - Ability to add a PC in the web admin.
Can create backup - Ability to download backup from web admin.
Can refund - Ability to refund transactions.
Can add time (legacy mode) - Ability to add/remove time using web admin.
Can view licenses - Ability to view game licenses.
Can view license details - Ability to view license username / password.
Can view replays - Ability to view and edit the replays.
Can create/edit app - Ability to add/edit apps in Games/Apps.
Can change offline mode - Ability to make the PC run in offline mode.
Can lock PC - Ability to lock a PC.
Can create notifications - Ability to create and send notification messages to users.
Can take screenshot - Ability to take a screenshot of the client via the web admin.
Can manage loyalty programs - Ability to manage loyalty programs (Super League).
Can manage client applications - Ability to manage client applications.
Can manage security policy groups - Ability to manage security policy groups.
Can manage high schools - Ability to manage high schools.
Can set machine version type - Ability to set client version of PC from Dashboard.
Can get tickets for sale
- Ability to buy tournament tickets from Stock Control.
Can undelete users
- Ability to restore deleted users.
Can manage layout rooms
- Ability to manage layout rooms in graphical view mode of the Dashboard.
Can get GG rock AuthToken
Can manage subscriptions
- Ability to manage subscriptions via Subscription Management.
Can delete machines -
Ability to delete PCs in the Dashboard.

Visibility of reports -  Statistics will be removed from the left side panel if this is disabled. If enabled, it gives the option to limit the maximum number of days of statistics data that an employee can view retroactively.
Visibility of activity tracker - Activity Tracker will be removed from the left side panel if this is disabled. If enabled, it gives the option to limit the maximum number of days of activity tracker data that an employee can view retroactively.
Can login guest - Ability to login guest. It includes the option to limit the time that an employee can give to a guest session and type of guest session that can be initiated.

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