Locking a PC

-On the Dashboard, click the three dots button on the rightmost side of the PC that you want to lock, then select Power > Lock Computer.

-To lock several PCs, simply click the PCs that you want to select. On the top of the PC list, select More actions > Lock computer.

-Enter a message that will show up in the client while the PC is locked and click "Ok".

Once it is locked it will look like this:

Note: Once the computer is locked no one will be able to login to it unless it has been unlocked from the web admin. Also, when PC is restarted during this state, the client will remain locked after the client loads.

This is how it would look like on client PC, the note/message that was entered while locking the PC will appear on the upper left corner of the screen:

To Unlock a PC

-Click the three dot buttons on the locked PC and select Power > Unlock computer.

- To unlock several PCs, click on the PCs that you want to unlock. On the top of the PC list, click More actions > Unlock computer.

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