ggLeap handles all gaming time with "offers". Offers can be configured in a variety of ways to allow maximum flexibility.

Step 1)

To configure your offers, look for "Shop settings" in the Settings section of the webadmin. Select "Inventory management" from the dropdown.

Step 2)

"Standard Pricing" and "Special Offers" categories are created by default (they can be deleted or rename). You can also add categories by clicking the + icon on the right.

Standard Pricing Offers are your basic pricing for commonly bought packages of time. Most centers would configure blocks of time from 15 minute through to 10+ hours.

Select Standard pricing, then Add Item.

Step 3)

Configure your standard offers as below

1)  Choose a name for the offer (eg 1 Hour)
2) Choose a description ( eg "unrestricted time" )
3) Choose Standard Pricing subcategory
4) Set Price for this offer
5) Barcode generation for items, however this is intended to track stock of physical items, so can be left blank.
6) Choose "available for client orders" if customers should be able to buy this offer from the client pcs
7) Choose "available for quick sale" if this will be a very commonly purchased offer and you want to fastest purchase time in webadmin
8) Choose unlimited stock for all offers (this option applies mostly to product sales)
9) Choose an image for this item (this will appear in client)
10) Set tax value
11) Set amount of gaming time this offer should add
12) Choose advanced offer settings if restrictions on this offer need to be added

Step 4 ) Finish Configuring all basic offers and add artwork . All offer images will be automatically resized, however ideal size is 400 X 275px

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