If a customer doesn't want to create an account in your center, you may register them as a guest.

1. On the Dashboard section of the web admin, Click the 3 vertical dots (⋮) on the right end of an available PC, hover on "Log in/out" and click "Log in guest".

Graphical view

Note: You can select several PCs if there are more than one guest user.

2. The Guest menu will pop-out

  • Session Name- Allows you to identify the guest user. You can name the session whatever you like (optional).
  • Session Type- Is the type of guest session you want. In this case "Free Play"
  • Cap Session- Allows you to set a specific amount of game time or keep it open ended.
  • Log in- This will start the guest session

Note: Free Play does not require you to put any amount of time unless you enable ''Cap session"

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