1. Go to Settings > Client configuration > Games/Apps. By default this will show the full catalog of games and apps already available in the web admin.

2. Search for a game you want to appear on your client PCs.

3. Click the box art of the game to edit the configuration.

4. Make sure that "Game" is selected in this field. 

5. Choose the genre(s) of the game.

6. Select the type of launcher (Steam, Epic, etc) or if it is an executable which will need a file path.

7. Select the PC group (if this feature is enabled) where the app will show up.

8. If this game uses the ggLeap license manager feature, please check "Use Automatic License System".  

9. This will prevent underage users from ever seeing this game in the client. Setting this to 0 will disregard the user's age.

10. Link to the video that you want to embed on the game's information screen (optional).

11. Add any additional launch parameters that are needed. Similar to launch options in Steam and others.

12. Applicable only for centers with multiple branches. Check this if you do not want to use licenses stored in the "parent" center.

13. Be sure to enable the game by clicking the toggle in the upper left of the box art. Restart the client PCs in order for the changes to take effect.

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