-The fuel gauge in the ggLeap user interface shows how much time is left on a user account to play. It shows the total time to be used until log out. It is located in the lower left bottom of the ggleap screen.

-Fuel Gauge not only works with the offers that the user is eligible with but also considers offers that will be eligible or ineligible later on that day (e.g. night pass - which will only be available at 11:00 pm onward).

How to see all offers on an account on ggleap user interface:

-Upon clicking the Details button inside the fuel gauge, you will be able to see all the information of the offer on the account and the time remaining before login or out of an offer.

-The fuel gauge portion is scrollable sideways if there are other offers in the user's account.

-The "Time Gauge" is the visual representation of the remaining time.

How time to log out works:

-Log out works once the time on all the offers ran out or expire/not eligible, the user will automatically get logged out from his ggleap account.

What Consumption rates are and how they are indicated on the fuel gauge?

-Consumption rates are the number of minutes/hours the user has to pay or has already paid for.

-The details of a specific offer are indicated on the "Offer Details" in the bottom of the fuel gauge.

Additional information:

How to see all offers in the account on the web admin:

-Search for the user in the Dashboard and then click on "View Profile". Also note that the time to logout is also shown in the list of user search result.

 -You will see Offers in the right side of the user profile page, under this section you will see "Active", "Expired" and "Stored" tabs.

-Click "Active" tab to see the offers that the user is currently using.

What is Stored Offers ?

-Stored Offers are not valid for use at the time. Can only be used on a specific time and day when it can be consumed (e.g. you have an offer that will work only during Fridays and the user purchase it on Monday, that offer will show up in Stored Offers).

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