Users no longer need to go to the reception to add time or make an item purchase. If a user places an order via the client, the web admin will show a notification on the upper right side of the screen and/or the screen will be blurred. Shown below are several ways to process client orders.

Pay on delivery orders

Click on "Orders" on the left side of the web admin. Pay on delivery orders will only appear in All tab and will show "Placed" under the Details column. Look for the transaction and click the tick mark to open the checkout page.

  1. PC from where the order was placed
  2. Item(s) requiring delivery (make sure to deliver the listed item(s) here prior to completing this transaction)

If a user selected pay on delivery when ordering additional time, the staff member will have to collect the payment before time could be applied to the user's account.

Account balance orders

Click on "Orders" on the left side of the web admin. Filter snacks/product orders that was paid using account balance by clicking Awaiting Delivery tab. Post-pay orders will also show up in here. Clicking the tick mark will open the receipt page where order can be processed.

You will need to click "Deliver order" to confirm the delivery and to complete the transaction.

Users may also purchase gaming time with this payment method. If a user purchased an offer using their balance, the staff member does not need to do anything and time will be automatically applied to the user's account.

No action from staff is required in this case

NOTE: Processing prize redemption from the client is similar with account balance client order.

Post-pay orders

Click on "Orders" on the left side of the web admin. This kind of order will show "Post-pay (Awaiting delivery)" under the Details column and can be filtered by clicking on Awaiting Delivery tab. Clicking the tick mark will confirm delivery of the item(s).

Once the order has been delivered, it will change the transaction to "Post-pay (Awaiting payment)" under the Details column. All orders with this status can be filtered by clicking Awaiting Payment tab. Clicking the tick will open the checkout page where the order can be paid.

Once the user logs out you will get a notification on the web admin that the post-pay order needs to be paid.

Orders section of the web admin (as well as the Activity Tracker) should have all current and historical information of all transactions made via the client.

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