ggLeap handles both bulk time and special gaming time with "offers". Offers can be configured in a variety of ways to allow maximum flexibility.

To configure your offers,go to Settings -> Shop Settings -> Inventory management

"Standard Pricing" and "Special Offers" categories are created by default (they can be deleted or renamed).

"Standard Pricing" offers are basic pricing offers for commonly bought packages of time that have no restrictions on usage. Most centers would configure blocks of time from 15 minute through to 10+ hours.

Select Standard pricing, then "Add Item" to configure a new offer.

Standard Offer Settings

1. Offer name (eg 1 Hour).

2. Offer description (eg "Unrestricted time" - this description will appear in the client if it is enabled for client shop).

3. Category of the offer.

4. Price of the offer (the example utilizes different prices for different groups, see "User Groups" to learn more).

5. Barcode generation for items, however this is intended to track stock of physical items, so can be left blank.

6. Choose "Available for Client Orders" if customers should be able to buy this offer from the client PCs.

7. Choose "Available for Quick Sale" if this will be a very commonly purchased offer and you want to add to employee quick sale menu for rapid purchase.

8. Choose unlimited stock if you do not want to track inventory.

9. Upload an image for this item either by uploading your own, or selecting from ggLeap library (standard size is 396px width by 273px height).

10. Set tax to be applied.

11. Set amount of gaming time this offer should add.

12. Choose which user group(s) this offer can be used on (configured in user group settings).

13. Choose PC group(s) this offer can be used on (configured in PC group settings).

14. Additional group related setting, depending on group settings.

15. Advanced settings toggle.

Advanced Settings

Choose advanced settings if you wish to set limits or expiration on the offer.

1. Choose the priority of the offer (if gamer has multiple offers on his account, priority matters).

2. Weekdays that the offer can be used.

3. Choose the time frame when the offer can be used.

4. Choose which dates the offer can be used.

5. Choose what time an offer must begin at (for example a 2pm-5pm offer must begin at 2pm even if the gamer arrived late).

6. Ability for the offer to expire in X days.

7. Ability for the offer today at X time.

8. Ability for the offer to expire in X hours.

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