This is a detailed overview of reviewing a user's details through the "View Profile" function.

User information section

This section of the user's profile contains the details such as name, email, DOB, etc. You should be able to locate this in the upper part of the page.

Function buttons

You should be able to edit the profile, open the shop and perform various actions in this area. You can locate these buttons in the upper right side of the page.

SP, Timing and Finances

SP section contain details about the user's SP ranking, earnings, amount spent and remaining balance.

Timing is where you can see the user's time to logout. It takes into account any active offers or time added via Legacy mode. You can also utilize Legacy mode here (if enabled) by clicking the "more options" (three dots) button, then you can add or remove time in the dropdown menu.

Finances is where you can see the user's current balance (money deposited). You can also deposit money into their account by clicking the "+ Add money" button. The "more options" (three dots) button will give you the option to withdraw money or settle the customer's debt.

Notes & Reminders

This section will enable you to put notes in the user's profile. The "Remind me" function will show an exclamation mark beside the username when the user is logged in on a PC or console to let you know about a note that you left in the profile.

User activity chart

This section contains graphical details of time spent, money spent and SP earned. The data for a certain period can be viewed by clicking the dropdown located at the upper right of the section.


This section contain details about the user's active, expired and stored offers. Any offers available in Active tab will be added together as time to logout (as shown in Timing section). You can also refund active offers by clicking the trash icon on the right.

Activity Tracker

This section works exactly like the regular Activity Tracker but this one shows the activity logs of the user being viewed exclusively.

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