The "Quick Sell" functionality allows you to skip a couple steps when adding your most popular products to a user account. You can apply the quick sell option on the products that you use most to add them to a user's cart on check out.

Quicksell is intended to be used for the quick processing of a small number of very commonly purchased items.

Applying "Quick Sell" to a Product

1. You must first create/edit a product or offer to be able to apply the "Available for quick sale" option.

Using "Quick Sell" on Checkout

There are a few methods you can user to access quick sell. While a user is logged in a computer you can right click on a username and choose "Quicksell".

You can also use the user search, click on the context menu and select "Quicksell".

Choose the items you want to buy. Checkout is completed after you click the "Pay" button.

If you want to include a credit card and post-pay as methods of payment, simply enable the "user cart for quick sale" in the settings > web admin settings.

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