Although most of the work has been done on our side to make sure you're up and running with proper game art and launch options, there still may be a time when a new game is released or a unique game or app doesn't exist. You have control to create any game or app that you may need within the Web Administrator. Follow these steps:

1. In the web admin, go to Settings > Client Configuration > Games/Apps.

2. Click "Add new game/app".

3. Fill out all fields with an asterisk. If the "Type" is "Executable", you will need to put the file path in the "Executable Path" field.

4. Add an image to the game/app icon in the "Drag/Upload Image (Portrait)" box. Adding a screenshot in "Drag/Upload Screenshot top" is optional.

5. Select a PC group (if you have this feature enabled) where the game/app can be accessed.

6. Click "Save".

7. Be sure to enable the app or game by clicking the toggle switch in the upper left of the box art. Restart the Client PCs in order for the changes to take effect.                               

NOTE: Be sure to check this article on how to properly set up and enable a game.          

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