You can utilize this feature in the web admin to promote events, sponsors or to simply increase users' brand awareness of your center.

-In the web admin, go to Settings > Client configuration > Customization.

-To add client logo, click "Drag/Upload Logo" box under Client logo section and select the logo you would like to add.

-To add side panel images, click "Drag/Upload image or post link" box under Client side panel images section.

-Add the image by dragging the file on "Drop your image here", or click on "Drop your image here" and locate the image file, or if it's uploaded via an image hosting site, just paste the link on "Image link". Click "Save" after adding the image.

-Once the image is visible, you can choose where it will appear in the client. Click "Save" after.

-Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen to apply the uploaded client logo and side panel images to the client PC.


  • You may add as many images as you want.
  • The images will be auto resized to 320 x 512 px (as of this writing, it does not match the aspect ratio of the side banners in ggChampions theme, and the image may appear pixelated).
  • The filename must have an extension of .jpg or .png. GIFs and videos are not yet supported.
  • The ggLeap client will then add your images and they will be rotated every 10 seconds with the other images.

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