Many ggLeap customers utilize a PXE boot server setup for game updates. To update the ggLeap version through your PXE server, follow the steps below. Please note that the steps below may work for most PXE solutions. There may be others that will require a different way to update the ggLeap client version.

1. Set one of your PCs into super client mode, note the PC number/name.

2.On the Dashboard, click the three dots [Ellipsis] button on the rightmost side of the client PC that is on super client, then select Settings > Change client version.

3. Within the Change Version pop-up window, choose the version of ggLeap you'd like to upgrade to and click "Apply".

4. Allow the super client PC to fully upgrade to the next ggLeap version. Once the PC gets to the ggLeap login screen and you have verified in the lower right side of the screen that it has the correct version, then you can turn off the PC and remove super client status.

5. Go to Settings > Client configuration > PC Versions.

6. Under Settings > Client Configuration > PC Versions, click "Select all" to select all PCs and click "Change Version".

7. Choose the version of ggLeap that was previously selected when the superclient was being updated and click "Apply".

NOTE: It is important to select the same client version as the one applied in the superclient. Selecting a different client version may result to PCs going into boot loop.

8. Restart the rest of your PCs and allow them to update.

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